CCOS is a Research and Educational center of ICMC / University of São Paulo, whose mission is promote the production and dissemination of knowledge in Free and Open Source Systems — with systems hereby referring to

All kinds of intellectual artifacts that express scientific, technological or artistic creation in their various forms of materialization, including any items subject to intellectual rights protection.

Under this perspective, FOSS* or FLOSS* comprehend but are not limited to

  • computer software, including source code, documentation, interface design etc.;
  • data encoding, including file formats, compression and cryptographic standards etc.;
  • hardware design, including specifications, schematic drawings, protocols etc.;
  • literary works, including creative, teaching, scientific, technical manuals etc.;
  • artistic expressions, including graphic, musical and plastic art etc;
  • research material, including data, procedures, experimental results etc.

CCOS pursues its objectives both within and without the university by collaborating with the FLOSS community, partnering up with academy, industry, public services, as well as FLOSS advocacy organizations and individuals.

Among other activities, the Center contributes to scientific research projects, initiatives for adoption and development of technology by public and private sectors, digital literacy program, advisory on author rights, participation and organization of events.


CCOS was created in the context of the QualiPSo Project, a four-year EU-founded initiative with a budget of over 20 million euros, including contribution from more than 20 public and private institutions in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Lasting from 2006 to 2016, the endeavor aimed at the creation of a worldwide network of competence centers capable of offering advisory on FLOSS for the industrial segment.

CCOS, one of those centers, was founded in 2009, in partnership with CCSL-IME, both based at the University of São Paulo.

Throughout its existence, CCOS has contributed to numerous research and educational projects, as well as initiatives of social interest. Among past and present supported activities there are the Free Software Research Support Center (NAPSol), the pioneer undergraduate course on Open Source technology at USP, the University Extension Group on FLOSS (GELOS) at ICMC, participation in related events, and the development of several intellectual artifacts among software, educational resources.